Shining Legacy

– by Madison Elizabeth

Who doesn’t like a shining and lustrous piece of statement jewelry to make you feel stand out among the crowd? Pearl jewelry has been the most liked and centuries-old art statement piece that is in the fashion from times of ancient civilizations to the modern era and is timeless that will go on till there is the existence of jewelry in the world. Pearl jewelry is in fashion since the start of the time when women used to wear animal bones for enhancing their looks and beauty while also showing their status symbol. Pearls have been one of the materials used in jewelry from old times because of the elegance it carries and the timeless beauty it offers. Pearl in ancient times was worn as a symbol of wealth and status but has gradually become an ongoing fashion.

Fine jewelry, another fine form of art, is luxurious and statement jewelry that includes a variety of items ranging from necklaces, earrings, and rings to bracelets that are a beauty in themselves. Fine jewelry, often handmade to perfection, is made up of gems that are glamorous in look and enhance the level of your sophistication while fitting your outfit and making you shine more amazingly. Precious metals including diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are considered part of fine jewelry which is worn by ladies that have class written all over them. The value and quality of fine jewelry are unmatched and in today’s time, it is an important part of women’s outfits to wear a jewelry piece that multiplies the beauty of the wearer.

With regards to the types, pearl, and fine jewelry are two separate articles and can be described separately by type. In this blog, we discuss the types of pearl and fine jewelry, selecting the right pearl and fine jewelry, caring for your jewelry pieces, and how to stylize yourself with pearl and fine jewelry. It can be used as a gift to someone special fitting the special purpose and wedding occasion that can leave a lasting memory. Firstly, we discuss the types of statement pearl jewelry.

Pearl jewelry is made from pearls that are retrieved from waterbeds of different types including freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls where saltwater pearls are further divided into Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls. Freshwater pearls are the most common type widely known for asymmetrical shapes and availability in various colors. They are grown in lakes and rivers while being available in different sizes. Akoya pearls are considered the oldest and most traditional pearls. They are perfectly round but small in size and have a white lustrous surface which makes

them distinct. Akoya pearls are usually grown in Japan and are exported to other parts of the world for making jewelry. The Tahitian pearls, grown in overseas French territories, come in different dark colors including black, gray, and green which look exotic and exquisite pleasing to the eye and attracting attention. South sea pearls are grown commonly in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia having the largest size among pearls and being the most valuable. Commonly, these pearls are in white, golden, and cream colors.

In the fine handmade jewelry category, the common types include diamond, gemstones, gold, and platinum jewelry with diamonds being the most popular fine jewelry article. The diamonds have high durability, luster, value, and brilliance in their appearance which makes them the top choice for wearers as well as jewelers. Its high demand is the reason for its value. The second type of fine jewelry is precious gemstones. Gemstones including ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal, and topaz are among the most popular items of fine jewelry. The rarity of gemstones makes them valuable and the distinct, vibrant colors also add to the value of this type of fine jewelry. Gold jewelry is perhaps the most common type of fine jewelry and is considered a classic metal for jewelry making. Gold jewelry comes in a variety of colors, inclusive of yellow, white, and rose gold. Platinum jewelry is another type of fine jewelry having high durability but is less popular. It has high tarnishing resistance and is made of pure platinum which enhances its value.

When choosing fine or pearl jewelry for shopping, it is imminent that you look for only the masterful and hand-crafted pieces of jewelry that guarantee to last a lifetime. To choose the best, look for well-cut fine jewelry and perfectly shaped pearls for pearl jewelry. Gemstones having even proportions and pearls having perfect shapes are more likely to have higher value with a great look and vibrant color. Fine jewelry metal needs to be carefully examined in order to check its durability. Such as gold has different karat classifications, and the 18K classification has lower chances of being tarnished with time as compared to other classes. In both pearl and fine jewelry, handmade craftsmanship is the most important. Jewelry having been made with attention to detail will last a lifetime being secure and polished for a new look always. In the case of pearls, the shape, color, and size matter the most and are selected based on these three elements. For diamonds, grading is also an important point where grading reports should be observed in order to know the quality.

Caring for jewelry is highly important because if you take good care of your jewelry, it can last generations and be in the best shape so you can shine always with the same piece of jewelry. While Pearl jewelry is more delicate to handle, fine jewelry also needs special care in order to be preserved for a long time. Some important tips to take care of your pearl jewelry are;

· Do not take your pearls in water such as shower or swimming

· Keep the pearl safe from harmful chemicals such as perfume and hairspray

· Clean pearls regularly with a soft, damp cloth

· Store the pearl in a soft pouch, often wrapped in a cloth so it remains scratchless.

For fine jewelry, some tips for careful handling are;

· Store jewelry in a jewelry box or soft box having cushions to avoid scratches or being damaged

· Avoid wearing your piece of jewelry in the shower or swimming

· Clean the jewelry with water, soap, and a soft brush

· Have the jewelry cleaned or inspected by a jeweler every year

While pearl and fine jewelry carry their different styles, each of them can be incorporated into different styles for enhancing the beauty of your outfit and increasing it manifold.

Classic and Traditional Style

Pearl and fine jewelry can be incorporated into classic and traditional style of dresses such as a simple black dress or with blouse and trousers.

Modern/Edge Look

Mixing different types of pearls or embedding pearl jewelry with fine jewelry can give a modern look to increase your uniqueness to become a statement piece for you. Walk into the room and all eyes will be on you immediately.


Specific to pearl jewelry, the long pearl necklace with a maxi dress and sandals can dress you in a look to kill for. Fine jewelry, jewelry can go well with any type of outfit.

Conclusively, pearl and fine jewelry are luxurious, timeless, and elegant handmade and statement items that can add the look of sophistication to you whether you want to adopt a classic look or a more traditional or edgy look. There are many ways to incorporate a pearl and fine statement jewelry to match with your outfit making you the showstopper such as matching necklaces with earrings. With proper care, the jewelry can be passed onto your heirloom for them to cherish the memories associated with it.

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