The Ring Chronicles

– by Sophia Varner

Jewelry is not just about decorating yourself for enhancing beauty. It is about emotion and attachments that carry a sentimental value showing the natural beauty that exists in our world while also being reflective of the cultural value women possess. The most commonly used metals for making jewelry includes silver, gold, platinum, titanium, stainless steel, pearl, gemstones and shell etc. In this blog, we discuss about pearls which are part of timeless fashion for centuries.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are the epitome of timeless fashion that has been going on for decades and is still in trend because pearl jewelry goes with any outfit and on any occasion, particularly the weddings. The pearls are mother nature’s beautiful gift to us. In the choice of jewelry, pearl rings are the most elegant statement piece of art a woman can wear to enhance their beauty. They can also be used as a gift to someone you hold dear. Pearls have been cherished from a long time for their luster, iridescent glow and delicacy making them a valuable choice for bridges, debutantes and people who love the vintage style of jewelry.

Pearl Sources

Pearls are sophisticated and graceful pieces of jewelry which are found in the bed of water bodies. Oysters and mussels are two primary sources of pearl. In fresh water, mussels give pearls while in sea or salt water sources, oysters produce pearls. Pearl are special and unique in shape and their beauty lies in the fact that they can be perfectly round or asymmetrical in shape with each pearl having its differential character and personality. Pearls that are used in rings can be of variety of colors including classic white, soft pink, silver and cream as well as black. Classic white being the most common and preferred pearl jewel used in different types of jewelry articles such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

The uniqueness of a Pearl

Pearls are preferred by people due to their uniqueness as each article presents a different texture and surface markings. Although pearls themselves can be made into a separate piece of statement jewelry, they can be combined with variety of metals used in making statement and handmade jewelry including gold, silver, gemstones, and stainless steel for different looks. The pearl rings can solely add drama and sparkle to your outfit but some designs of rings are evergreen. We bet that the most common you have seen is the pearl solitaire ring in yellow and gold which is the most obvious choice for pearl jewelry lovers. Yet, if you are looking to add something extra to it, you can combine it with diamond, emerald, rubies, sapphire, opal, and topaz to increase the beauty of your jewelry tenfold.

Pearl Ring and its Speciality

A pearl ring can be a special choice for a special occasion such as a wedding that makes a mark on your memory and reminds you every time of the moment of happiness for you. Imagine you being married, celebrating an anniversary, or graduating after working hard on your degree preparations, and you receiving a pearl ring on any of your special occasions. As you know that the jewelry you wear or keep with you carries a special sentimental value, so a pearl ring you wear might not just work to enhance your beauty but also becomes a special part of your memory that reminds you of awesome moments that you have spent. Pearl jewelry adds glamor and sophistication to your look so it’s a win-win for you.

But how to you guess what is the right type of jewelry for you? When you go to a jeweler for buying the ever-likeable pearls, it is highly important to choose pearls that are just perfect in color, size and shape. Pearls that have a smooth, shiny, lustrous and even surface are likely to hold more value and be the star of eye within a blink. You don’t need to fall for pearls that are dull in color, have chalky surface, that are not in even shapes or have clear and visible imperfections, as they seem non-attractive to the eye so why would you want to not stand out of the crowd? You definitely want to be the star wherever you go so pearl rings are a definite choice for you.

Pearl – A Legacy Forever

Only buying certain pearl rings is not enough because if not handled with proper care, a pearl ring can lose its luster and shine, and become dull over time. Yet, if you can take care of your precious statement pearl, a pearl ring can last a lifetime and remain timeless for generations to come while being passed down as heritage. Imagine the number of memories you have with your special pearl ring and you have narrated the storied celebrations to your children and grandchildren. Just think of the smile your descendants will have on their faces when you present them with a shiny, glamorous ring that looks brand new and how they will psychologically associate themselves and live through all the memories while passing the legacy further.

Taking Care of your Precious Pearl

For its care, your need to place your pearl ring in a box or soft pouch having cushions and placed it separately without any other piece of jewelry that might potentially damage the pearl. Do not expose it to harsh temperatures of chemicals and clean it softly with a damp cloth. Remember, whenever you go jewelry shopping for your special occasions such as engagement, graduation, anniversary, or wedding, or casually for gifting something special to yourself, a pearl ring will always be an evergreen choice that will go on and on for centuries to come and never go out of style.

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