Wrist Wonder

– by Emma Grace

Wrist jewelry adds glamour to your beautiful outfit and you can shine more with pearl bracelets with precious gemstones.

Any kind of jewelry has been an accessory so timeless that it has been worn by both men and women for centuries. The statement and handmade jewelry make you shine and glow going in line with your outfit and making you eye-catching attention wherever you walk into. Jewelry comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms having both delicate and bold designs being made from a number of materials including gold, silver, platinum, diamond, and pearls. The statement jewelry is a timeless piece of article that has been from a long and will be worn by people for centuries to come. Although differentiated based on their culture and backgrounds, the accessories worn by men and women on their hands, necks, fingers, and ears show glamour and accentuate the beauty of the wearer.

Pearl and fine jewelry are two types of most common pieces of jewelry worn by men and women across the globe. Pearls are shiny, lustrous pieces of jewelry that are perfectly round in shape and found in different colors, the most common being pure white known as Akoya pearls or cultured sea pearls. Fine jewelry is popular due to its rarity and elegance being a piece of high-quality handmade crafting making them perfect for any event or occasion such as a wedding or as a gift to someone special. Statement jewelries are a form of accessory that helps women express themselves and are a symbol of emotion for many women. For example, on any special day such as engagement, marriage, childbirth, anniversary, or meeting someone special, jewelry is particularly popular to be gifted to women. It attaches sentiments to their statement pieces and those memories are cherished forever.

Jewelry can be of any kind but perhaps the least commonly discussed is statement wrist jewelry. If you ask me what my favorite kind is, it definitely is wrist jewelry. The elegance, charm, and spark that wrist jewelry presents is just out of this world. It is versatility and glow can add vibrant colors of joy and enhance the personality of any outfit. Not specific to a particular type of clothes, the wrist jewelry can be worn on any occasion with any dress even with the bridal dress on the wedding. It seriously complements and enriches the look of a woman wherever they go. Not only women but men also prefer wrist jewelry such as bands, bracelet watches, bracelets, and pearl

beads. Wrists are considered as the thinnest part that can be decorated with an accessory, so why not enhance its beauty by making it more prominent and beautiful?

Wrists and hands are perceived as the expressive zone of a woman’s body because it is what first grabs the attention of a viewer and helps the woman to express their feelings loud and clear through statement wrist jewelry. Not only does it make visible the accessory but also complements the outfit well leaving a real and lasting impact on the viewer. Wrist jewelry, when worn with a complete set of necklaces, finger rings, and earrings, goes well with the look and can enhance the overall beauty personifying class. Writs statement jewelry can be worn singularly as one piece but it looks better when layered with different kinds of bracelets or bangles including single liners, bangles, beads, or cuff bracelets to give a more exotic and edgy look. In the category of both fine and pearl statement and handmade jewelry, wrist jewelry works according to the style of outfit you are choosing to wear.

If said more accurately, the wrist jewelry you choose to wear is dependent upon the environment you are going in. Wrist jewelry, whether pearl or fine, should be classy and reflect your personality so you can be a glamour icon for yourself. Always remember to look beautiful to yourself and not to impress others, because this is what real beauty is. Or you can gift it to your best friend for matching her look with you so you both can be identified as closely bonded. But the choice of wrist jewelry should be very sensitive. For example, if you are going to the office, do not wear large bracelets or bangles that may cause distraction in your work and be overloaded. When going to a party, make sure not to wear dull colors or chalky looks because luster is what will make your statement jewelry more prominent. It is also important to take care when wearing full sleeves or sleeveless dresses. There is no need to show your bracelet by lifting up your sleeve, better to leave the bracelet and wear a wristwatch only.

A simple black dress with a gold or silver bracelet is what shows elegance. It is simple in the look yet very classy in personification. So, it ensures that you look out of this world while not losing your simple touch. One more important thing to consider is not to overload yourself with many accessories. Although it is okay if you want to place more than one accessory on your hand, overloading it will always spoil the look instead of enhancing it. Remember, if you want to wear statement jewelry, simplicity with elegance is what matters the most. You can choose whether to place accessories on both arms or a single arm. If you want to keep it simple, a single bracelet on your dominant arm is enough, along with a simple yet elegant wristwatch. However,

if you aim to experiment with something, you can choose different color bracelets and wear them on both arms to make them look fairly beautiful. Just remember, don’t overload.

Bracelets, bangles, cuffs, and watches, or anything that falls in your expressive zone of wrists and hands, are ideal accessories to enhance any outfit and add a touch of elegance, class, sophistication yet simplicity to your gorgeous look. Always remain confident in whatever you are wearing because confidence is what makes or breaks your character. Do not shy away from trying new things to enhance your look. I hope that this guide will prove to be helpful for you in order to stylize your personality with wrist jewelry. Just keep visiting to know the latest fashion trends and information about the pearl and fine jewelry.

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